Briar Rose aka "Rose"

Meet Briar Rose (or Rose as we call her)

Rose is quite special....ready for this?  She is a Blue Tortie Point, Snowshoe Marking, Siamese.  (that's a mouthful!) This means that she is short haired, and not only has the tortie point markings, but also has white on her face, and paws, thus the "snowshoe" markings.  

She is not hypoallergenic, so if you are looking for a kitten with qualities, most likely choosing from one of her litters will not be the best option for you. 

Rose has one of the sweetest personalities, and is SUPER friendly!  

We are so excited for her first pairing with Caspian, and look forward to seeing how she puts her colors on her kittens!  She has blessed us with her first litter on April 25th, and so is already proving to be an excellent Queen.