Cinderella "Ella"

Meet Cinderella, or Ella as we call her!  

You can't get much cuter than this precious little lady!  Ella is a Blue Point Balinese; she came to us as a kitten from Iowa, and had a rough start on life.  She wasn't well-cared for when we picked her up, but after some tender loving care, she has certainly blossomed!   

Due to her rough start as a kitten, our vet has determined that she does have Irritable Bowel Disease, however it is kept under control with a prescription food diet.  Because of this, I do consider her to be a special needs kitty, however I'd like to say that besides giving her her special food, she receives no other special treatment. 

Ella has one of the most laid back personalities in the cattery; she has the softest expressions, and is such a snuggler!  She gets super excited when you come to hang out with her, and it will be difficult to let her go.  

Ella has done well in our multiple-cat environment and has a submissive personality.  I feel that she would do well as an only cat, as well as paired with a kind male kitty.  

She will be spayed in May of 2022, and following her healing period, she will be ready for her new home.  

If you would like to chat about her, or have any questions regarding her, please don't hesitate to reach out via email (contact form at the bottom of the page) or on Facebook (click on the facebook banner up top, and private message me).