Here is one of the founding kitties with J+D's Siamese Sugarlumps!  Diggles will be retiring in late 2021, after siring a great number of kittens who have found homes across the entire USA!

He's a bit of a "momma's boy", which is fine with me!  He's always up for a good conversation (very talkative), or a game of fetch with his favorite hairband (and yes, I really do mean a game of fetch...).  When we purchased him, he also had the opportunity to come with papers, however we opted not to pay for them, since his forever home was with us.  He loves his kittens almost as much as Juliet does!  As you can see from the pictures, he takes his fatherhood role very seriously, and can usually be found hanging out with the babies.  As the kittens get older, he can hardly suppress his excitement!  He absolutely loves playing with them!