J+D's Siamese Sugarlumps Contract Information

Below you will find our cattery contract, which will be completed and signed upon pickup of your kitten.  


  • Under no circumstances will this cat be sold, leased, released, or given to any pet shop, laboratory or similar facility.
  • Adequate indoor sanitary facilities will be provided for this cat
  • If this cat is found to be neglected or of in ill health for an unreasonable length of time, or ever seized by a Humane Society or like organization, purchaser will surrender said cat and ownership of said cat to breeder unconditionally.
  • The cat purchased is purchased as a pet, which is defined as not to be used for breeding.
  • Purchaser agrees to seek veterinary care for this cat for routine care or any incidental illnesses throughout it’s lifetime.
  • Purchaser agrees to contact breeder should purchaser no longer wish to keep ownership of the kitten/cat. Breeder has “first right of refusal” of the cat/kitten, and is to be offered to breeder at no cost.  If the breeder is not able to take the cat/kitten back, then the purchaser may find an approved home, other than what is described in #1. 
  • Health Guarantee: the breeder is transferring this cat/kitten to the buyer in good faith as a healthy and well cared for animal. Breeder guarantees this cat (or cats) to be free from feline leukemia virus (FeLV), and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).  The buyer is encouraged to have the cat(s)/kitten(s) examined by a licensed veterinarian of the buyer’s preference within a period of 72 hours from the date of pickup.  If cat(s)/kitten(s) is/are examined within a 72 hour period of purchase date by a licensed veterinarian and the animal is found to be unhealthy and not pet quality, it/they may be returned to the seller at buyer’s expense.  Buyer shall be responsible for paying the transportation fees to send the animal back to the breeder, after the animal is received by the breeder, a refund of the pet purchase price will be given to the buyer, and this does not include any shipping fees or veterinary expenses, proof will be required in writing by the licensed veterinarian that examined and deemed the animal unfit/unhealthy as a pet. If professional medical care is given to the cat during this 72-hour period or after 72-hours of the date of sale, the Buyer shall be responsible for all veterinary or other professional expenses incurred on behalf of the cat/kitten. J+D’s Siamese Sugarlumps does not refund veterinary expenses; it is the buyers responsibility to pay for those expenses. After this 72-hour period, the seller makes no guarantees to the health or suitability of this cat/kitten with the following exception: If, at any time prior to the Cat/Kittens 2nd birthday, the cat/kitten should develop an undisputedly hereditary defect precluding the cat's natural ability to be reasonably suited as a healthy Household pet, the seller will replace the cat/kitten, however NO CASH REFUNDS will be given after 3 days from date of sale/transfer. It is strongly recommended that the kitten(s) be quarantined from other pets for at least 14 days. Be aware that the stress induced in an animal when going to a new home may cause symptoms of illness, including a minor upper respiratory infection, to appear in an otherwise healthy animal. Buyer agrees to have this animal examined by a licensed veterinarian of the Buyers choice at the Buyers expense within 72-hours of purchase, for the sole purpose of confirming the animals' health condition.
  • Buyer understands that due to the possible side effects to certain vaccines that may pose a health risk to our kittens, we do not immunize for FIP (feline infectious peritonitis), if this treatment is implemented, then all health guarantees implied or specified will become null and void. Buyer has received or will receive a record of vaccinations.